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Lalka szmacianka 35 cm

Discover the unique rag-dolls world.

When my daughter was born 14 years ago, I was looking for a special doll for her - one to love, hug, and play with together. I couldn't find the perfect one. So, I decided to sew a doll for her myself. The first attempts were not very successful - crooked little hands, a misshapen face - they didn't resemble the dream doll for my little girl at all. After many months of trying, I finally created the first doll that met the expectations of my demanding first customer - myself. 

That's how the brand BY MAMA was born. 

I invite you to the world of unique dolls - sewn with love and care for every tiny detail. So that every little girl can have a special doll that will accompany her for many, many years. 

What are the dolls made of?

Our dolls are sewn from high-quality fabrics, both Polish and foreign (England, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain). The doll bodies are made of natural, unbleached raw organic cotton. For making their clothes, we use mainly cotton and linen fabrics. The knitted garments are made from high-quality yarns, mostly acrylic or with a small amount of wool.

Can dolls be brushed?

The hair is made of synthetic fur, so it can be brushed. Some dolls have hair made of yarn, and you can gently comb the thick locks with a wide-toothed comb. However, dolls with long braids cannot be brushed as their hairstyles are fixed.

Can dolls be washed?

You can freely wash the doll's clothes in a washing machine using the delicate fabric program. The doll's bodies should be hand-washed, towel-dried, and laid flat to dry. The doll bodies are filled with high-quality toy fiber that doesn't clump or lose its shape, even after prolonged use or contact with water.

Lalka szmacianka dziewczynka
Lalka szmacianka ręcznie robiona handmade

What do mothers say about the dolls?

We also have our favorite doll. I ordered Fela (that's what we named her) before my daughter was born, hoping it would be a lifelong keepsake. Fela has several sets of clothes for every season. My daughter, who will turn 3 in February, loves playing with her, and there are days when they are inseparable.
Almost all the dolls are beautiful, but the most beautiful ones are the slightly "unkempt" ones, the ones with headbands and hats. They are absolutely adorable and have stolen the hearts of our family and little Basia. We're already looking forward to the next one!
Our whole family has fallen in love with them. They will become cherished mementos for my daughters as they grow up. I will make sure they receive them when they leave our family home. The dolls were given to celebrate Helenka's first birthday four years ago and Nela's first birthday in June. And in January, we will welcome another little Miss Ola to our home, who will also receive a doll from her parents. The dolls are lovely and meticulously crafted.

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