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Lalka o imieniu Pola to urocza i pełna energii przytulanka, która wprowadza radość do każdego pokoju. To nie tylko zabawka, ale również przyjaciółka, która towarzyszy dzieciom w ich kreatywnych podróżach i pełna jest pozytywnej energii.


In the set you will find:

  • a doll with red hair
  • doll panties,
  • a doll dress zapinaną z tyłu na nap

The doll can be dressed up and styled.

The doll can be hand-washed.

The fabric doll is made of natural unbleached cotton, filled with silicone beads - the same type used in high-quality bedding. It is hypoallergenic and can be washed.

The doll's hair is made of synthetic fur, allowing for easy combing without the worry of hair loss.

The doll's face and nose are embroidered, and the plastic eyes are sewn on.

The doll is approximately 35 cm (13.8 inches) tall.

The doll cannot stand independently.


Your doll will be packaged in a box with a lid made of unbleached cardboard.

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